Held a meeting on strengthening cooperation between Osijek and Split

Once in March 2015 signed a cooperation agreement between the Red Cross Osijek and Josip Juraj Strossmayer which allows the part of the State University temporarily held in the facilities of the Red Cross in Orahovica and Split, these two partners have initiated meeting on strengthening cooperation between Osijek and Split, and Osijek-Baranja and Split-Dalmatia County, which was held on May 15th 2015 in the “Villa Mikica” in Split. To this end, the meeting was attended by representatives of the cities of Osijek and Split, Osijek-Baranja and Split-Dalmatia County, the University of Osijek and Split University with City Red Cross Split and Osijek Red Cross. It was concluded that the Red Cross is suitable and desirable organization for various forms of partnerships as it has the personnel, program and material resources, and helping to create a synergy in the implementation of joint projects for the benefit of the community, and are open for talks on other aspects of cooperation (eg. The two cities or two counties, etc.). Also, there has been initiated and that a similar meeting to be held in late July Orahovica.