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SPLIT – one of the sunniest places in Europe.
Although Split is the second largest city in Croatia, if judged by its beauty, its residents and visitorsclaim that it certainly is the first. You can often overhear people walking along the waterfront claim that Split is “the most beautiful city in the world”.
At the western part of the peninsula Marjan hill with its numerous parks and pine forest is one of thesymbols of the city that offers comfort, peace and rest from the daily bustle. Today, Split is not only an urban and cultural centre of Dalmatia,

but also a traffic junction of roads and sea routs that lead to numerous tourist destinations in Dalmatia. Lately the city of Split has become a spontaneous choice for many tourists. With a variety of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, among which the focal point remains the preserved Diocletian’s Palace from Roman times, one can enjoy numerous cultural festivals and popular entertainment that attract visitors from all over the world. The climate in Split is mild and typically Mediterranean with hot, dry summers, with the average air temperature of 26 ° C. The generous annual 2,700 hours of sunshine make Splits one of the sunniest places in Europe…