Famous Split’s beach “Bačvice”

Are you planning to visit Split or you are already there? You have dressed yourself in you swimsuit at home, and you were blowing your air mattress on the way in a car? Great! If you are staying in Hostel „Vila Mikica“ you are a bit more than 63 steps away from the best sea/sand/sun party in this area. Of course, we are talking about famous Split’s beach “Bačvice”!

Beautiful beach, part of a sandy bay, possesses qualities of “blue flag”, for more than decades. Through the years it raised dozen generations of youngsters from the whole country. In the shallows of Bačvice beach they overcome their fear from deep and crystal clear water, which has safety fence that are protecting them from expanse that leads to beautiful islands Brač and Šolta. Bačvice, that are a sort of mythical, social, sport and even cultural symbol of city beneath Marjan, have become the synonym for traditional Dalmatian game called “picigin” and unavoidable fun on the Adriatic sea. It is a game for all generations that is glorified through whole Adriatic sea by big names that head their first games right here, at Bačvice. Today, those same names are brought back to life through stories that are told to sons by their fathers. Stories how this game broke many harts, however it brought together many more. All in all, if you visit Bačvice you can be sure that in a split of a second you will become a part of a crew playing “picigin” and, of course, give your all so the ball doesn’t fall in the sea.

Bačvice i picigin

We can’t forget about romantic part of beach. Especially in evening hours when sun is touching sea in the horizont, when you can’t hear anything but light breeze, there’ll be just you and your better half throwing little stones in sea while watching sunset. Slightly tanned in face because of a beautiful Adriatic sun, caught in a moment when you are trying to remember every detail of a perfect vacation while kissing your better half.

Sun is down, players are leaving ball for a bit, and Bačvice drowned from another ebb tide are following hundreds of people in crazy night out and are welcoming them back in the first morning light.